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Aiken Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Parent Committee

Aiken EDI is a parent-led group whose mission is to create an equitable, inclusive, and active anti-racist environment for Aiken students, parents, teachers, and staff. 

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Aiken EDI Mission

Aiken EDI is a parent-led group whose mission is to create an equitable, inclusive, and active anti-racist environment for Aiken students.

Aiken Believes

Diversity is essential for students to thrive in an environment where inclusion, equity, anti-racism, and a sense of belonging are at the heart of our efforts.



Additional Diversity Information

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Aiken EDI Goals

  • Community: To support families and the development of Aiken students as 21st- century global citizens, who utilize empathy, inquiry, and self-reflection as key skills to interact in their communities and the world.
  • Engagement: To engage, empower, and increase representation and participation of families from our diverse community in school activities and the Aiken Parent EDI Committee. 
  • Support: To create and support culturally relevant programming for the school. 
  • Advocacy: To address negative experiences surrounding equity, diversity and inclusion at school and work with school administrators to develop initiatives, interventions and programs to address these concerns. 
  • Belonging: To celebrate and embrace differences as well as commonalities and encourage conversations around them.
  • Integrate: To integrate diverse and culturally relevant materials and activitiesfor all grade levels.

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Aiken EDI Programs & Activities

Aiken EDI Speaker Series

Each month, there will be speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise on topics most important to our Aiken community.

Affinity & Alliance Groups (AAG)
AAGs allow for all groups and all voices to be heard, acknowledged, and seen. They create a safe space for people with similar interests, backgrounds, and race to build strength and pride, including healing from social and racial injustices. They also advance collaborative efforts among other alliance and affinity groups because a member can be part of more than one, creating and promoting social equity and breaking down racial barriers. Affinity groups are only "exclusive" when creating a safe space for people who may not feel safe comfortable in sharing their thoughts and experiences in the broader community. During affinity group meetings, people can share freely, and without inhibition or fear.

So, why should I join or start an AAAG?

  1. Allows you to connect with others of similar interests, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. on a meaningful level beyond the traditional and/or organizational structure.
  2. You will gain new insight into your own beliefs as well as others.
  3. It will help you address and talk about difficult issues before discussing it in a larger setting.
  4. Your voice will make a difference not only in your group but in other groups you join.
  5. Allow you to find ways to work with others you may share a similar interest with -- but maybe from a different race, religion, gender, or sexual preference.
  6. Your group can help you unpack your own biases that may unconsciously exist. 
  7. Create new relationships that you would not have had otherwise.
  8. Plan and participate in events that will advance the understanding of Aiken's diverse community.

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Aiken Book & Film Club (Coming Soon!)
Monthly selection of books and movies will be recommended to the club.  Each week, or a set time agreed by the club, will meet to discuss what was read or watched by using guided questions.  Most movies or videos can be accessed through Youtube, Netflix or Hulu.

Interested in joining the Aiken EDI, send an email to